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In this class we will discuss how to build a strong team as a leader.
In this class we will learn about how to face change and workplace wellness.
Jonathan Ellerby
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Recorded: Jan 15, 2014 at 01:50 pm EST
UNIVERSAL WISDOM FOR WORKPLACE WELLNESS: THE ESSENTIALS OF RESILIENCE, BALANCE AND PEAK PERFORMANCE WITH DR. JONATHAN This powerful and practical educational session with two-time bestselling author and holistic wellness expert Jonathan Ellerby PhD will introduce you to the foundations of holistic health. Based on his research among health and healing traditions around the world, in combination with his direct experience as a wellness educator and trainer in corporations large and small, Jonathan will leave you with perspectives for life-long resilience and practical tools. A short period for questions and dialogue will be included at the end of the presentation. Attendees will finish with 5 tools for daily or weekly use and the ability to evaluate and create a personal wellness plan.
Radical change is often promised, manifestation and attraction are popular topics, but is radical change as easy as it sounds? What are the real risks, limitations and fears that you will likely face? What does a seasoned life-risk taker and major change agent know that you don't? What is the truth behind the promise of a better life or an enlightened way of being? Join author, teacher and healer Jonathan Ellerby PhD to explore the deep truth about radical change and personal awakening. Jonathan has coached people of all walks of life, from the rich and famous, to daily heros like mom's and dad's, nurses and teachers. More importantly, he has created massive change in his own life, and most recently gave up a growing career and established life in the United States to pursue a new life and career step in the tropical Riviera Maya of Mexico. Based on his new book, THE PROMISE OF PARADISE: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE TROPICS, Jonathan will share his own funny and touching stories of change as well as the keys to facing the most difficult aspects of the journey.