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Jonathan Ellerby
Health & Wellness > Other
Recorded: Jan 15, 2014 at 01:50 pm EST
UNIVERSAL WISDOM FOR WORKPLACE WELLNESS: THE ESSENTIALS OF RESILIENCE, BALANCE AND PEAK PERFORMANCE WITH DR. JONATHAN This powerful and practical educational session with two-time bestselling author and holistic wellness expert Jonathan Ellerby PhD will introduce you to the foundations of holistic health. Based on his research among health and healing traditions around the world, in combination with his direct experience as a wellness educator and trainer in corporations large and small, Jonathan will leave you with perspectives for life-long resilience and practical tools. A short period for questions and dialogue will be included at the end of the presentation. Attendees will finish with 5 tools for daily or weekly use and the ability to evaluate and create a personal wellness plan.
Stress is a real and regular part of each of our lives. Yet what we do with our stress in terms of how we approach and work with it will make all the difference to the quality of our life. One of the greatest things that makes stress so unpleasant and damaging is our resistance to it. But what if you can learn to positively work with your stress in order to transform it? Join optimal health expert, Evita Ochel and learn the 4 step guide to effective stress transformation. You will learn how to identify real stress in your life, the difference between real and perceived stress, how to work with limitations, put into action positive solutions and end up with peaceful resolutions. The tools and tips provided will benefit you in every area of your life. You will become more effective in your work and professional life, as well as your home and personal life. You will acquire tools of empowerment to benefit your well-being, as well as your physical, mental and emotional health.
Did you know; The National Average Weight Gain from Halloween to New Years Day is thirteen (13) pounds. Attend the "Holiday Eating Survival Guide" and discover proven strategies to enable you to enjoy all your favorite food and traditions along with your holiday festivities, without the dreaded weight gain. You'll enjoy all the holidays offer, and feel wonderful about the new perspectives you'll possess. This year awaken on January 1, refreshed and renewed.
When it comes to nutrition today, many myths, as well as incomplete, false and downright inaccurate information prevails. We have more human beings today than perhaps ever before who do not know how to feed themselves in the most healthy and optimal of ways due to the mixture of confusing and misleading sources of information out there. And it is perhaps no more prevalent to experience than when it comes to protein. While many of us are coming to terms with the dangers of high protein diets, many more of us are still questioning if we are getting enough or the right type of protein. As vegan, vegetarian and plant-based diets become more common, it has perhaps never been more important to properly understand the nutrient known as protein and how it impacts our health and wellness. Join optimal and plant-based health expert Evita Ochel as she presents an understanding foundation of what is protein, how your body understands protein and how to use this nutrient most optimally. You will learn about the difference of plant and animal protein sources, protein amounts, protein needs, protein dangers, and bust through the myths of complete versus incomplete protein. Bring your questions and concerns, and come out for a class that is sure to enlighten and empower you as a health conscious consumer.
As vegan and vegetarian dietary and lifestyle trends continue to rise, many children and teens are showing interest and actively pursuing these life path choices. For many non-veg parents and guardians however, this can be a challenge and frustration. What will I feed my child? How will they get their protein? Will they get enough nutrients? How will they fit in with others? These and many other common questions plague parents and families where the veg lifestyle is not common, but one in which one or more of the children wish to pursue a vegetarian path. This class is specifically designed for any parent, guardian, teacher or child caretaker who is seeking answers, support or information on how to approach and help any children in their care make the best choices and meet their health needs. In this class optimal health and plant-based nutrition expert Evita Ochel will address all of the different areas associated with the growing trend of veganism/vegetarianism when it comes to understanding and respecting the child's choices, and how to ensure they get the proper support and nutrition at any time of their journey.
Evita Ochel
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Oct 17, 2013 at 08:00 pm EST
Fats are essential to our weight, health and overall well-being, but in recent decades a lot of misinformation has come out about them. The pendulum has swung between low fat and high fat, between saturated and unsaturated fats many times over. But as heart disease continues to impact a large percentage of the world's population, decreasing both our life quality and quantity, it is vital we make sense of fats and how to utilize this nutrient group most optimally for our health. In this class optimal health expert Evita Ochel, will be providing a foundation about fats for attending learners. She will be explaining the differences between saturated and unsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6 fats, as well as the difference between fats and oils. Also covered will be the full story about the "low-fat" and "zero-fat" fads, as well as the "low fat" and "high fat" dietary recommendations by various health experts. You will also learn the practical side of fats such as which oils are the healthiest for our needs, which oils are best to cook with, and which brands are most reputable.
Our health today is at a crossroads. We have more people afflicted with chronic conditions and weight problems, as well as reliant on pharmaceutical and medical interventions than ever before. However, despite all of the good intentions and awareness campaigns, our states of health are not thriving. This is causing many of us to explore the numerous natural and alternative healing methods we have available to us today, and motivating us to take more accountability for our health. But what are all the different holistic choices that we have today, and which approach is the best one to take, and when? Join optimal health expert Evita Ochel as she takes you on a journey of understanding a selection of the most common natural and alternative health modalities available to us today for our health, healing and prevention. Topics covered will include Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Herbalism. You will learn practical and valuable information for when to use each one, their benefits and drawbacks, and the expected course of treatment for various conditions.
Are you ready to start making changes in your life and just need a little help? You will participate in a series of individual and group exercises and discussions that will put you on a path to a much higher level of self-awareness and discovery. As a result of attending this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of what's been holding you back and a roadmap and action steps to move forward optimally in your life. You can get your Jump-Start in the following areas: Career, Health & Wellness, Relationships (Intimate and Social), Work/Life Balance, Personal Finance, Time Management and a lot more.
Throughout, "Body, Mind, and Mouth" Life's Eating Connection" course, you will understand when you are in control of what and how you eat, you are in control of many other aspects of your life. You may identify with the daily disconnect between one's body, mind, and mouth. For some, this disconnection can last for years, leading to unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Margaret Marshall will help you to realize how to connect the dots, between your body, mind and mouth, and will show you how a shift in thought can change your direction. She will also offer you techniques for overcoming eating challenges that occur. Bring your friends, and have your questions ready! Objectives: 1. To help participants understand that attaining and living at an ideal weight, and enjoying optimal health, is not about finding a diet that works, it's about creating a life that works. 2. To make participants aware of the connection between the body, mind, and mouth. To gain insight of how the mind affects the mouth and the mouth affects the body, and how this connection affects your weight, and your personal and professional life.
As more of us become health conscious and explore various paths for healing, prevention and health maintenance, it is not always easy to make sense of what is the best path to take. Do our foods provide enough nutrients for us, or do we need to use supplements as well? And if we do need to use supplements, how do we pick and choose the best ones for us? Are single or multiple supplement formulas the best way to go? Is there a difference between brand name and generic options? And how do we make sense of synthetic versus whole food supplement choices? Join optimal health expert Evita Ochel as she answers these questions and more, to help you understand the basics of vitamins, minerals and supplements in our world today. Upon completion of this class you will have an understanding of how vitamins and minerals work, how to make quality choices for your health and wallet, and how to optimize your use of them. The class will include vital information based on the latest research, as well as lots of essential and practical tips to empower you as an informed consumer and health conscious individual.
The sun is the source of all life, yet in our modern society we have removed ourselves from living in balance with this vital energy. Fear of the sun, skin damage, best sunscreen options and vitamin D deficiencies have compromised our understanding of how to utilize the sun's energy in the most optimal ways. Join optimal health expert Evita Ochel as she leads you through a series of essential themes in order to optimize your relationship with the sun. You will learn the difference between UVA and UVB rays, why the sun is essential for our health and wellness, an explanation of vitamin D for the most efficient utilization, and how to cultivate a smart relationship with the sun. A large emphasis will also be placed on understanding sunblock and sunscreen products, the safety and risks of their ingredients, as well as proper skin care to prevent damage and maximize benefits. The class will also include a discussion about the sun's impacts on our mental and emotional health, and overall wellbeing.
In our world of diverse foods, there is one group that is most beneficial to our health, but one which the majority of people's diets in our population today are severely lacking in. This being the greens. Green vegetables, especially leafy greens hold the power to heal us, and prevent numerous states of disease, but most of us have yet to put into action their incredible potential through our daily diet. Join optimal health expert, Evita Ochel as she explains why greens are such powerful foods for healing, prevention, healthy weight, longevity and optimum wellness. You will learn about the most common commercial greens, as well as some wild greens, and what makes them so unique compared to all other food forms. You will also learn about their nutritional makeup and specific benefits for our mental, emotional and physical health. Finally, Evita will share some practical tips for incorporating greens into your life, such as picking, using and storing your greens, as well as some meal ideas for making them a part of your daily diet in a way the whole family can enjoy.
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