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Dr. Lauren has found through her own inner work and her 20 years of working with clients that digging deep into those parts of ourselves that are hidden from us and making them conscious ultimately makes one much more capable of managing the intricacies of life. This awareness eventually creates avenues towards inner peace and joy.

She currently sees private clients in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills, California, and is available for tele-therapy. Her articles have been featured in numerous mental health magazines, and she publishes a monthly written and video blog titled "Dr. Costine's" Commentary". ...See All


Dr. Lauren is a licensed psychologist, relationship coach, consultant, author, educator, activist, and international speaker.

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Are you feeling down, unmotivated, stuck, or stressed? Are you frustrated with your ability to feel calm, confident, creative, and resilient? Psychologist Dr. Lauren Costine of Awaken Therapy Center will guide you through a 25-minute webinar to give you constructive, useful tools from her “Restorative Self-Care Toolkit.” In times like these, it is so important to take a moment to unwind, reflect, and tend to your needs. A healthy, productive, and creative life begins by looking inward and taking steps to nurture your own wellness.
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